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Steven Gagnon


Based in Los Angeles, California, Steven Gagnon is the Co-CEO of Element Media Group, a businessman, and entrepreneur who loves the world of sailboat racing and soccer. While he stumbled into the entertainment industry by chance, one of his first roles was working for a media company that specialized in sports. Shortly after he started, Steven became a pioneer at the company, which was famous for its coverage of snowboarding and skateboarding. 

Though he eventually migrated towards the film industry, Steven has always maintained a soft spot for sports. As a former athlete himself, he was offered two scholarships for college, but ultimately turned them down to pursue his passion for marine biology. His favorite of the two sports he played, soccer, continues to be an influential aspect of his life. Steven loves the traditions in place surrounding the sport—that it’s lifelong and there is always something to learn. 

While he may not play as often as he used to, Steven Gagnon and Element Media Group are working towards developing more sports-related media projects. In fact, the company is already largely involved in the soccer business. 

Professionally, Steven possesses over twenty years of experience within the entertainment industry, boasting experience in a myriad of positions across various media sectors. For him, the opportunity to have a hand in the development and creation of stories—and then bringing them to fruition—is one he feels blessed to have. With years of entrepreneurial experience, the entertainment industry reminds him of what he loved most about developing a business. Being able to take something from scratch and watch it grow is one of the most rewarding experiences one can have. 

At Element Media Group, a subset of Element Global founded in 2012, Steven Gagnon and his team acquire, develop, finance, produce, and distribute a wide range of media, including television, broadway productions, and films.

They have been able to attract and maintain top talent due to their lack of micromanagement, allowing the talent the ability to choose where their career goes. While Element Media Group is still quite small at only 25 team members Steven predicts that with their upcoming entrance into the marketplace, the team is about to grow substantially. 

Thinking ahead to the future, Steven and Element Media Group have prioritized creating media that fits with the ways in which it is currently consumed. There will be a massive shift from linear media to digital over the next few years, and he and his team are ready to deliver content that performs—including in the sports sector. His company is currently building a global soccer brand, Element Sports Group, and are acquiring teams in France, Italy, and other top tier teams. The teams they are working with already have major exposure in the world of media and have soccer schools and academies to develop young and emerging talent. 

If you’d like to learn more about Steven Gagnon and his interest in sports, please visit his blog. 

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