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There are billions of passionate sports fans all over the world. There is just something inexplicably exciting about watching elite athletes compete at the highest levels. While watching games as a fan is always a good time, you can get the most out of your passion by getting a job in a sports career. These are the five best career ideas for sports enthusiasts.

Umpire or Referee

There are a clear set of rules that players must follow in every sport. The umpire or referee is designed to enforce these rules during the game. Put your knowledge of sports to use by training to become one of these rule enforcers. This will let you get on the field of your favorite sport during the games.

Athletic Trainer

Athletes put their bodies under extreme pressure every time they compete. The effort and force placed on the body make injuries a common occurrence. Athletic trainers spend their time studying and treating sports injuries. These trainers play an important role in keeping the athletes healthy, that every major sports team has multiple trainers on their permanent staff.


Other than the athletes performing on the field, no one is more important than the coach or manager. The coach’s job is to prep the team for the upcoming event. They also come up with schemes to help improve the team’s performance. The coach is such an important role that you can make a good living coaching at the high school or college level.

Sports Reporter

Sports fans are always looking to learn the latest information about their favorite teams and leagues. The sports reporter is tasked with relaying this new information to the fans. This can be done through online articles, radio broadcasts, or television shows. Some sports reporters are even tasked with traveling with the team and interviewing players on a daily basis.

Sports Photographer

There is no better way to get close to the action regularly than by becoming a sports photographer. This job will let you take close-up pictures of the action a few feet from the field. These pictures can help make sports moments immortal and are often shared online or in magazines.