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There are many lessons to learn in life. Some of the greatest lessons a person can learn come through more approachable means, such as through sports. Sports are fun and exciting – both to play and to watch. Yet they can also teach us important lessons about life, other people, and even ourselves.


Playing sports requires commitment. It’s one of the first lessons any child can learn through sports. They have to set aside the time to practice independently, attend group practice sessions, go to major events, and overall be part of the team.

It’s a commitment to make time for sports out of our already busy schedules. Students have to work around their classes, homework, and social obligations. Adults have work and thousands of other tasks to juggle. 

Working as a Team

Team sports teach others how to work together. There’s that classic saying, “there’s no I in a team,” and it’s true. A good team knows how to work as a unit; they share the work and the glory equally.

Mistakes Happen

Mistakes happen. It’s a fact of life. Sometimes you take the shot, and you miss the goal. Through sports, it can be easier to learn how to let go of these simple mistakes. Instead, the player will be encouraged to focus on practicing and learning from what has already happened.

How to Lead and Following

Being a leader and a follower are two sides of the same coin. There are many opportunities in sports to learn lessons about both. Sometimes a team needs a leader – a coach perhaps, or a teammate stepping up to guide everyone through warm-ups.

Just as often, being involved in sports is all about learning to be a following, knowing when and how to follow advice or directions. It’s also listening to authority figures (the coach, the rules, the ref) and still getting the job done.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice is an integral part of sports. It’s how any star athlete got to where they are today. They preserved and created time to practice, mastering first the basics before moving onward.

Sports teach children and adults alike that they must practice if they want to succeed. The average person isn’t going to pick up a ball and be amazing on the first try – it takes effort and time.