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The sport of soccer goes back more than 2,000 years. Many claim to have discovered the sport, and there are historical records in ancient China. Rome, Greece, and parts of Central America. However, England formed it into the modern game of football that we all know today. In America, the sport is referred to as soccer, which is derived from Association Football. The reason is that the gridiron game of American football, which was derived from rugby, already existed in America. Association football was therefore given a variant of Association Football, or soccer.

Podcasts are episodic, digital series that people listen to for enjoyment. Statistics currently show over 1.7 million active podcasts covering a seemingly endless variety of topics, including sports. In addition to being fans of specific teams, American soccer fans also tune in to hear the latest American leagues that manage them. Here are some of the most famous soccer podcasts today.

The idea of fantasy football began around the year 2000 and has become very popular ever since. People who play fantasy football assemble imaginary teams using real-life players. Fantasy points are then scored based on the players’ actual performances in games. The UK Fantasy Football Show (UKFFS) caters to serious, passionate players as well as casual ones. They help listeners who need tips on filling a team or a confidence boost.

Not all podcasts are limited to audio-only sources. There are still many video podcasts and a few that combine all of the mediums. The Men In Blazers podcast is a joint effort between Roger Bennett and Michael Davies. This whimsical show about soccer exists simultaneously as a website, podcast, and TV show.

Gary Neville is a former English Manchester United defender who is now the head coach for Valencia. He also manages two clubs and owns one. He has been a sports commentator for Sky Sports and still reports on Monday Night Football. His podcast features commentary about Europe’s top football leagues and tackles heavier issues such as racism in football. 

Valencia’s head coach, Sid Lowe, is a football correspondent for the Guardian. Phil Kitromilides is a Spanish football commentator. Together, they produce the Spanish Football Podcast. This show takes a comprehensive look at everything football-related in Spain, which topics such as stand-out players and La Liga, the highest level of the Spanish football league system.