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Everyone has their favorite sports that they enjoy watching or playing. However, there is one that has become the most popular sport around the world. Soccer is loved by many people with more than 250 million people worldwide playing it. Also known as football or futbol in other countries, soccer is a beautiful sport with epic highs and lows. Here is why soccer is the best sport in the world:

A Player’s Game

Instead of being driven by the coach like many other sports, soccer is mainly driven by the players. In soccer, when the players hit the field, they have control of the game. While during the training sessions the coach will need to analyze the team’s strengths and weaknesses as well as planning practice sessions, the actual game day falls to the players. During the game, there are no plays and any player has the chance to opportunity to handle the ball, score a goal, and even decide what to do with the ball.

The Simplicity

Soccer is one of the most uncomplicated professional sports in the world. Many other sports are incredibly complex and can take years to fully understand the rule and regulating. Soccer, however, has basic rules and is easy for someone to understand just after watching one game. The game is simple: 90 minutes to make for the teams to make as many goals as they can and they cant use their hands. While rules like there are more complicated rules such as offsides, corners, and penalties––those aren’t hard to gain an understanding of either. 

Bringing the World Together

Not only can people feel pride in their country’s team, by for their local clubs as well. In comparison to other sports, soccer is a predominant sport in all countries, not just the United States. Soccer has amazing and historic leagues in every continent, with the biggest soccer leagues are in Europe. There are local clubs and leagues that help to keep the soccer passion among fans alive all year. With multiple leagues in many countries, there’s a great opportunity to make international club competitions like the Champions League.

By being so popular in every country around the world, it easily brings people from many different walks of life together. Soccer is a beautiful game and the best sport in the world.