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Soccer has been around since the 1860s, leaving plenty of room for iconic moments to flood the scene. Every sport has them – those memorable moments that every fan will hold dear to their hearts. Or the moments that fans love to hate.

It’s safe to say that soccer has more than its fair share of historical moments, thanks to the wide variety of tournaments found around the world. Here are some of those top moments, though it is far from being a complete list.

Hand of God

Not all moments in history are cherished – some can be downright controversial. Take the events of 1986’s match, Argentina versus England. Here, Diego Maradona scored a goal – after punching the ball. It was accepted at the time, much to the delight and dismay of fans on both sides.

Euro 2004 Final

During the Euro 2004 Final, Greece earned a moment of pride, as they defeated Portugal in what was a series of dramatic events. It’s the underdog story of the century, as far as soccer fans are concerned.

US Soccer Teams First Women’s World Cup Win

The first Women’s World Cup was held in 1991 after it was deemed popular enough to give it a go. In that groundbreaking year, the US Team took the win, scoring 2-1 over Norway in the finals.

1966 World Cup Goal

Here’s another moment that is as historical as it is controversial – Geoff Hurst’s goal during the 1966 World Cup. Hurst kicked the ball to the goal – where it hit the underside of the crossbar and bounced down. It was counted as a goal, even though video evidence would indicate that the ball never crossed the line. Ultimately, Hurst’s team (England) won the World Cup that year.

Kristine Lilly’s Record

Kristine Lilly’s entire career was built on groundbreaking and breathtaking moments. She started in 1987 and stayed in the sport for 23 years. During that time earned 354 caps, two FIFAWWC titles, two Olympic golds, and 130 goals.

1954 World Cup

In 1954 it was all but assumed that the Hungarian team would prove victorious – they were one of the strongest teams on the field that year. Yet their game against the Might Magyars proved quite surprising, with the match going even at the halfway point. At the 84th minute, West Germany scored again, taking the win, the cup, and a bucketload of surprise from the fans.